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The Best Connection Employment Group

The Best Connection ad

Project Description

The Best Connection, a blue-collar employment agency group, required a new logo and brand identity for their company whilst retaining their existing corporate colours.

The design needed to work over various applications including stationery, calendars, ads, signage, newsletters, etc. as well as online.

Project Details

Client:  The Best Connection Employment Group
Skills:  Logo Design, Branding, Stationery, Marketing Materials
View:  www.thebestconnection.co.uk

The Best Connection Logo

Logo Design & Branding

The client required a logo that would emphasise the fact that The Best Connection is a ‘people’ business. I presented them with the idea of a jigsaw piece (connection!) – which can also resemble a person.

The jigsaw theme was used across various applications. A collage of images was introduced into completed jigsaws and used for ads, flyers, posters, office decals, etc. to make a bigger impact whilst also gaining brand recognition.

The Best Connection Branding
The Best Connection ads and flyers
The Best Connection Business Cards
The Best Connection Newsletters
The Best Connection Frieze
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